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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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locally 85. rise and shine. washington is off to a great start. this is silver park drive. drivers are losing a couple of right lanes. move over to the outer loop in maryland where everything is okay from t 5 past 270. live conditions here at university. virginia 66 heading eastbound tracking the trip, as well. everything is good from centreville past 50 to the capital beltway. as we take you over to 395 northbound, lanes are wide open. no issues to report making your way from t 5 past shirlington
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and beyond. back to you. campaign 2010 in the district has led to a new mayor. voters ousted mayor fenty in the democratic primary in favor of city council chairman vincent gray. with 90% of precincts reporting gray leads with 53% of the vote to fenty's 48%. -- 46%. chris fin fisher is live with more. >> this race wasn't called until 2:00 this morning. and gray didn't even give his tip stance speech until a half hour later. so this is a very, very late night for even involved from all the campaign workers here at the headquarters to the campaign itself. vince gray took the stage at 2:30 this morning. this victory virtually assures that gray will be the city's
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next mayor. after all he has no republican challengers and fenty previously said he will not be a write in candidate. while this is only a primary it felt like an election night victory party. in his acceptance speech, he said voters sent a message loud and clear. they want to bring character, integrity to the ma mayor's office. fenty was -- i want to congratulate mayor fenty for running a hard and spirited campaign. despite our differences, i know well that adrien fenty share our commitment to the city. >> reporter: so far, fenty has not publicly conceded. here he is, just after 1:00 this morning talking to
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reporters saying he wanted to wait until all the votes were in but a spokesman for fenty said that he is planning on calling gray at some point this morning to officially concede. andrea? >> all right. thank you for that update. also in the district, eleanor holmes norton took 90% of the vote to remain the delegate to congress. in the race to replace gray, brown is winning with 55% of the vote over orange who has 39%. some election results from maryland, as expected the governor's race will be a rematch of the 2006 contest. former governor ehrlich got 75% of the vote to defeat murphy. incumbent governor o'malley won the democratic primary with 83% of the vote. in prince georges county, jack johnson was term limited an the
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winner of the democratic primary is almost certain to take his place. >> i'm in prince georges county where three times was the charm for baker who succeeded in his third attempt to secure the nomination, the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive leading by a comfortable margin. his closest opponent michael jackson. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education [ cheering ] >> first in job creation. fist in opportunity, first in invasion, first in integrity [ cheering ] and first in public safety. >> reporter: it was like a rock show when baker finished his remarks. they wouldn't let him off the stage and at times it seemed as though he would be crowd surfing this happy group of report supporters please he
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succeeded to get the nomination as prince georges county executive ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: staying in prince georges county in the race for state's attorney to replace glenn ivey, -- we are running race results at the bottom of the screen continuously and you can log on to our website at and click on the campaign 2010 banner at the top of the home page. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. a loss yesterday even with good news. >> a little loss. down 17 points. we have been up eight out of the last nine sessions. people took some profits but today an economy day.
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we are hoping poor good news. they would like to see the factories are humming. the federal reserve will report on industrial production for august. as for trading so far today, asian stocks closed higher. here at home, the dow lost 17 points and is at 10526. the nasdaq was up four points and the s&p 500 was down a fraction. toyota is hoping to get hundreds of lawsuits tossed out over claims stemming from sudden acceleration in its a vehicles. they have filed a motion to dismiss the cases. it argues the drives have been identified any defects in the vehicles. hundreds of suits were filed after toyota began to recall millions of products because of acceleration problems and brake glitches. if you love the james bond movies you will love this. the austin martin will soon hit the auction block in london. it comes with the fun toys sean connery used in the film like
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the bulletproof shield. the car is expected to go for $5 million. i love the bond movies. >> the machine gun is activated. >> the whole nine yards. they have $5 million to spend. i want to save a little money. what do you have in the next half hour. >> this is news for the rest of us. we will save green while being green. some downs on great green products. >> i'm with you. i love the bond films. surveillance a video of an armed robbery in ashburn. the bandit asked for change and when the clerk opened the register, the man grabbed a knife, pulled out the money and ran. they think the same robber hit a hair cutterry and taco bell earlier this month. 62year -old ronald burr jess was walking to work yesterday when the accident happened. the prince georges county
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officer said he never saw burgess coming and he was wearing dark clothing and was not in a cross walk. the department is investigating. a woman struck by a car in adams morgan earlier this monday as died. 26-year-old woman was struck while standing on a traffic island near the intersection of 18th street and florida avenue. the car crashed in to a small report. police say the driver was adams of mitchellville, maryland and court papers indicate her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. we will have a few national election results coming up, including a big victory for the tea party movement just up a i- t 5. and mcnabb heads to a ditch playing field to deliver a message about staying in shape to dc youngsters. it is nine after the hour. we'll be right back. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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in the news now, some national primary election results. the tea party is claiming a victory in delaware. christine o'donnell has won the primary for u.s. senate in that state defeating a moderate nine- term congressman. it appears the established republican candidate will win new hampshire senate primary. overnight returns put former state attorney general ahead of tea party candidate. in new york, voters are giving charlie rangel another chance. he beat back five chargers in the democratic primary by facing a dozen ethics charges in congress. peta stages an eye watching protest. and a dramatic ad targeting the obesity epidemic stirs up controversy. it is 5:11.
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in texas police found the body of two flood victims. it brings the death toll from
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the remnants of tropical storm hermine to eight deaths in the u.s. a woman's car was swept off the road and a man's body was discovered in a drainage ditch. >> we talk about the threat of flooding a one of the most deadly weather disasters you can have. it only takes a couple of feet of water to wash your car off the road. >> we are desperate for rain but not that kind or that much rain in no. right now a quarter inch or less in most spots is what we are expecting but we need a lot more than that. and a third tropical system karl has headed. >> karl with a k. >> exactly. let's get you going out the door. the weather looks great for the fair out there. 88 at noon and 81 for the drive home. with less wind than yesterday, clouds are mixing in with the sunshine. bus stop forecast looks mainly clear.
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cool in spots, 50s and 80s. 6:49 on the sunrise and we are a week away from the official start of autumn but that happens like 18:49 at night on the 22nd. mid a 0s on the eastern shore and leesburg and martins bug in the a 0s. peterburg 52. a lot of times you learn stuff about these folks, lower elevation in oakland. so they can be warmer. fredericksburg is 57. right now, 64 degrees. a couple of clouds mixing in out there. dew point in the 50s. it was a dry afternoon yesterday. the humidity in the 30% range and winds barely measuring out of the north northwest at
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three. strong thunderstorms couple with severe thunderstorm watch boxes here. karl is coming on shore north of baileys city. for us it is quiet. high pressure is building in. the front that went through yesterday is to the south and east and with high pressure in southern ohio moving in we are in good shape for the rest of the day. in to thursday, look at this system. that is coming from the midwest with showers an. by thursday afternoon, notice western maryland, maybe parts of northern maryland could see that action and this better chance of showers will be overnight on thursday knight an the front will push through in the morning hours on friday. fee gore could be heading to bermuda as a category hurricane. 82 today. 85 tomorrow. a chance of showers on thursday in to early friday. friday near 80. and then the weekend looks good for folks a the bluemont airfare and sunday for the redskins game. are you going? don't forget the sun screen and
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the burgundy and gold. >> i want to go. i will be there in spirit. soak up that wonderful forecast you are telling us about. >> waiting for an invite. >> anyone got a hook up, let me know. hope you are off to a great start. we are dealing with awaiter main break. this is eastbound on silver hill road past silver park drive. losing a couple of right lanes because of it. moving along and take you to 95 northbound. everything overall is okay out here. we are watching a little volume start to pick up an the prince william parkway as you make your way to the mixing bowl. 495 in virginia, happy to report that earlier construction between route 7, past the dulles toll road is out of here an gone. nothing to worry about. the lanes are wide open. 270 southbound, no roadwork to report from 121 all the way to the split. andrea, that's a quick look at traffic. now, back to you. in the living well headlines, one nonprofit group
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fighting obesity has released a new ad that is creating quite a stir on the internet. >> high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, tonight, make it vegetarian. >> reporter: the physicians committee for responsible medicine is hoping their new ad will keep people from eating fast food. in the spot they show a dead man on a table in the morgue with a cheeseburger in his hand and then the group reveals the mcdonald's arch but changing the slogan to i'm lovin' it to i was loving it. peta staged a display yesterday. protesters in costumes sat inside of small cages outside of the department of health and human services they are upset about the plans to transform 200 older chips to a biomedical research center for disease testing. an turn first in the history of the heisman trophy. plus, the nationals starter
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pitcher has a homer but was it enough? highlights are coming up in sports. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today -- we'll be right back. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest. in lumber. in rubber. in bellies. and precious metals. it's time to put everything you have into your 10k. your 5k.
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in a nationals season that was about straussburg and his nuclear powered fast ball, who would have thought the best pitcher would be a guy who could barely throw 85. but that's the deal. hernandez has double-digit wins the faced the braves last night and locked in eight shutout innings. normally doesn't strike out a lot of guys but normally whipped six and the bats were in working order, as well. number 35 on the year for big donkey and the bigger donkey, hernandez himself, always ban great hitting pitcher and he proved it there. the nats blank the braves 6-
5:23 am
zip. oare o's and blue jays, bases loaded for the birds this the seventh and robert clears them. o's rolled the jays 11-3. as for football, big doubleheader this sunday on wusa 9. a you know, ravens and bengals at 1:00 and redskin and tex ans 4:15. be forewarned, nfl rules dictate we cannot leave the raves game until it is over which means if the ravens game runs long or goes to overtime we could myth miss the start of the redskins game. please know that is not our decision and hopefully it won't happen. redskins had the day off yesterday and mcnabb spent it at a rec center in northeast trying to reduce the couch potato factor among the washington kids. >> with all of the electronics, internet an things of that nature, kids are staying inside and not being involved in
5:24 am
sports or activities we have to get back to kids being kids and giving them an opportunity to run around and have fun. >> reporter: bush faced the ultimate indignity he had to give back his heisman trophy. he was stripped of the reward while receiving improper bens while in college. -- benefits while in college. a soccer match, where the penalty kick is saved by the goalie but look it is spinning. the goalie is not looking and over the line. he goes that ought to count and the ref says i agree that should count and that's the goal because sometimes a save is not a save. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber, have a great wednesday, everybody. and we have more local election results coming up including more on the victory over mayor fenty. in a few hours we could learn more about the mistakes
5:25 am
potentially involving hundreds of graves at arlington national cemetery. where are the trouble spots on the roads? here's angie. >> it is new york avenue approaching florida avenue. watch for a disabled tractor- trailer. you are losing the left lane. more traffic and weather when 9 news now returns. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right!
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vincent gray knows he will be the next mayor of washington, d.c. >> thanks for joining us. angie goff will have traffic in a moment, but let's start with howard's forecast. >> a good looking wednesday out there. little cool out there. watching us in the suburbs to the west, temperatures are close to 50 degrees. while in town above the 80- degree mark but barely. 64 here. we have 61 arlington. 52 in manassas and cumberland and 55 in martins before. 61 on the bay from our friends at the naval academy and couple of mid-50s from easton and
5:29 am
cambridge. looking at the temperatures today, they will climb in to the upper 70s to near 80 around the bay. as you head closer to town we are talking low 80s. even manassas 84. a good looking afternoon. 69 by nine. 77 by noon and a drive home temperature around 88. find out about the troubles on the way in. inbound new york avenue. this is approaching florida avenue where we have a disabled tractor-trailer. drives are losing a left lane. the flow of traffic is getting by. the volume is picking up a bit. let's move over to the outer loop. drivers are moving a speed from route 1 college park over to 270. and this is your live shot at the university exit. and finally, real quick, check out 88 eastbound.
5:30 am
good morning, virginia. back to you. this morning, campaign 2010 is virtually over in the overwhelming district of columbia and the city will have a new mayor come next year. vincent gray received 58% of the vote to beat mayor fenty. kristin fisher is outside of gray headquarters with more. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. it is not much of a party anymore. you can see that gray's election headquarters is completely quiet, but just three hours agoing the candidate and his campaign were still going strong. an they were waiting for all of those delays and the results, major delays getting all the returns in and that's what they were waiting for and that kept them up for so long but around 2:30 this morning, vince gray told a room of supporters at the washington hotel that he had indeed won.
5:31 am
the victory virtually assures that gray will be the next mayor he faces no republican challenger in the november election. in his victory speech, gray congratulated his opponent, mayor fenty for running what he called a hard an spirited campaign and addressed supporters assuring them the public cool reform would continue under his administration. he has not indicated whether or not he would keep fenty's chance choice as school chancellorring the controversial michelle rhee on board. take a listen. >> take no mistake, school reform will move forward in the gray administration [ applause ] and it will be a wholistic way with a strong empowered chancellor who works with parents an teachers. >> reporter: so what about mayor fenty? he has still not publicly conceded here he is just after
5:32 am
1:00 this morning talking to reporters saying he wanted to wait until all the votes with counted. by 3:00 this morning a spokesman for fenty said that he would indeed concede. so far mayor fenty has not personally reached out to the gray campaign but a phone call has been set up between the two camp for sometime late this morning andrea? >> thank you. and right now we are pleased to have one of the top people in the gray campaign join us live. a senior adviser to the campaign and we thank you for waking up early with us. did you get any sleep last night? >> i think i got an hour, hour and a half after a long night of waiting but it was well worth it. >> reporter: why do you think that voters are willing to listen to gray's message, even those who say they supported him, acknowledge the achievements in reducing the homicide rate and improving the schools urn the fenty administration. so why vote for vincent gray?
5:33 am
why did they do it? >> i think people were feeling it was time for a change. not only in leadership style in the mayor's office but looking at issues maybe a little bit dimpley. i think people were feeling marginalized, disenfranchised, like they weren't part of the process. that they were boxed out in a lot of ways and i think when you look at the fact this the district had 10% unemployment rate, 30% in some parts of the city, when you see certain crime actually going up in certain parts of the city, folks were looking for someone what was going to deal with those issues for those reasons i think gray's message clicked with a lot of people. >> reporter: u.s. education secretary arne duncan didn't endorse a candidate but said the school system made preprogress since rhee became chancellor and said the progress had to continue no
5:34 am
matter who won. gray says he wants archons lohr who is strong and will work with parents. is rhee out? do you have a list for who might be the next chancellor? >> no. i don't think that any decision has been made yet. he said every since the beginning of the campaign that he would take the time to sit down and talk to her after the election, and certainly i think that's an appropriate conversation to have now. but he's also said from the beginning that school reform has to be about more than one person. if it is wrapped up in one person, there is no way it can succeed in the long term. it has systemic and sustainable. i think he will sit down with chancellor rhee. they will see where things stand, but he's really more focused on the reform itself. it makes it will last beyond any one administration. >> congratulations to you and your candidate. thank you for being with us
5:35 am
this morning. f. >> thank you. a volunteer at mayor fenty's campaign headquarters was take on the the hop after he crashed through a dallas window. it happened just before midnight. the man was bleeding from the head but able to walk to the ambulance urn his own power. a small ruckus ensued when supporters tried to bloom cameras from filming the aftermath of the accident. turning to campaign innocent maryland, former delegate baker secured the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive. although returns are not final, baker maintains a strong leadoff his closest competitor, michael jackson, the current prince georges county sheriff. the men were vying to replace jack johnson who is leaving office because of term limits. many montgomery county we know which republican will challenge ike leggett for county executive in november.
5:36 am
douglas rosenfell won with 88% of the vote. in the race for u.s. senate in maryland, senator mikulski's republican challenger will wargots. you can look up results anytime at just click campaign 2010 banner there or check the totals running at the bottom of the tv screen. in oh news this morning we should learn whether hundreds of graves at the arlington national cemetery are in danger of being disturbed. the body of a fallen marine is being exhumed. private warner was killed in iraq in 2006. if a ditch service member found to be buried in the spot it may
5:37 am
force authorities to exhume more graves at arlington. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a debate over tax cuts. >> this is a rare moment when i'm saying thank goodness i don't make over $250,000, right? the heart of the debate is dividing the democrats. the president wants to keep middle-class tax cut and letting tax breaks for the wealthy expire at the end of the year. the gop wants to keep all tax breaks and someone on the other side of the aisle agree. democratic leaders are hearing from lawmakers that fear raising taxes on anyone in this economy could be politically lethal. senate democrats have won a crucial vote that clears the way for a bill to create a fund to open up lend for credit for small businesses. it goes to a final vote later this week. the president is expected to sign in to law just before the midterm elections, the money
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after days of back about forth america sharon sharoud is back in the united states. she is one of three hikers arrested last year along the iran/iraq board per and accused of spying. the other two are still jailed. ntsb is blaming a traffic controller for a deadly midair collision. the controller was on a personal helicopter when the planes hit each oh last year killing nine people. firefighters say they are making progress battling the reservoir fire in loveland, colorado. the fire is 35% contained and is a little smaller than fist thought. the plane scorched 700-acres. the votes are being couldn'ted in the district and maryland. the tea party was sell britting victories in other states. here's howard. >> i pleasant morning. a winner of an afternoon ahead
5:42 am
and much-needed showers in the forecast. that and some weather news for folks in the shenandoah valley when 9 news now returns. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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the tea party can claim victory in self races. >> reporter: the tea party express is on a roll. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we, the people [ applause ] >> reporter: last night, in that stunning upset, tea party favorite christine o'donnell knocked congressman mike castle out of delaware's senate race. >> we need citizen politicians in dover and in washington, d.c. to get our state and our country back on track. >> how are you? good to see you. >> reporter: in new hampshire's
5:46 am
republican senate primary, tea peat favorite were neck and neck all night long. the tea party scored in the new york's gubernatorial race. political newcomer karl paldino beat rick lazio. analysts wonder will the candidates be too extreme for the main stream come november. >> the question is can they broaden their appeal to a wider electorate where moderates tend to dominate. >> reporter: the republican officials who said castle would be their only hope of winning the senate seat made it clear they would not fund o'donnell in the general election. >> you have to have your base behind you if you are going to win a general election. >> reporter: if this gop doesn't win delaware, analysts believe their chances of winning back the senate are
5:47 am
slim. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. more local results if you watch the bomb of your screen or log on to our website at click the campaign 2010 banner on the home page. we mentioned this yesterday, the bicentennial of the mexican war. they have a celebration on the kennedy center. should be a beautiful night. >> nice. may want a light wrap if you are going to be out late. cool once again but comfortable really. >> cooler than what we will have tonight. should be a great night for that an the winds will be less than what we had yesterday. today we are looking at a nice, nice wednesday out there. we are 64 in town. a lot of 50sin the suburbs. 7 by lunch and 81 for the drive home. a high between 88 and 84 and the winds northwest at five to ten. the bus stop forecast, it is cool in spots.
5:48 am
clear for the most part 50s and 60s. 5:48 right now. the sunrise an hour from now. 7:16 on the sunset with light easterly winds. temperatures mid-50s to mid- 60s. tomorrow, breezy and warm. it will be around 85. could be a shower late in the day especially north of town. tomorrow night in toe the overnight is a best chance of showers and clear it out in time for the weekend. look at the a 0s here. -- 50s here. luray -- 64 in town. 55 in fredericksburg and martins bug. as we said 64 at national. winds are barely blowing three miles an hour out of the north most and humidity is 75% and we don't have the fog like yesterday morning. high pressure is in the ohio
5:49 am
valley. nosing down from michigan to west virginia. so it is a cool morning behind the front. out to the west we are watching an area of low pressure, which will come out this the plains. all sorts of severe weather this morning. the storm system pushes across the midwest and the great lakes. by thursday, tomorrow afternoon, western maryland could see stuff much more in pennsylvania. then in to the overnight on friday morning you see the showers ahead of the front. the front a few hours behind that and that will set us up for a nice weekend. the tropics, karl is in the caribbean, that's a tropical storm heading to the yucatan. igor a strong strong hurricane heading to bermuda potentially by sunday and julia, another hurricane, not as strong. this one going in that direction. that won't be a problem. igor the big problem karl a lesser problem. unless you are going to cancun or belize you have to watch that. 82 today. 85 tomorrow. tomorrow in to friday morning some showers.
5:50 am
we need them and will take them. friday 79. saturday 84. friends in blue month has their fair and it will be beautiful. sunday 83. monday near 80 with a chance of a shower. angie goff, how are you? >> i'm doing great. the roads no megaproblems to report as we take a wide view of the area. just a couple of issues out there. we will get to them and begin with inbound new york avenue approaching florida avenue. we have a disabled tractor- trailer and it continues to take away a left lane for drivers and they are backed up around bladens bug road. the water main break. slow duke to seminary and 270 southbound watching the volume pick up from germantown road to 370. back to you. an oscar-winning actress is working on a personal project. that story is coming up in
5:51 am
entertain news. after the gas explosion in california we will look at the safety of local gas lines. here's jessica. refinancing at these very low rates can save you hundreds of dollars a month, but if you don't read the fine print, signing on the bottom line could cost you thousands. i will have some refie pitfalls coming up. ♪ i like your messy hair ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smile ♪ don't know why i love you [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn express hotels, you always can. holiday inn express. stay you.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away.
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and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. here's a look at what is buzzing in entertainment. finally confirming what the paparazzi has been trying to confirm all along, penelope cruz is expecting their first child. he is report -- she is 4 1/2 months along. george michael is jail affidavit pleading guilty to charges of driving urn the influence of drugs. michael will serve eight weeks. tmz is reporting jennifer lopez signed a one-year deal to judge "american idol." the singer reportedly signed on for a little more than $12 million. if true, lopez will join steven tyler and returning judge a randy jackson on the panel energy local buzz, i got the
5:55 am
next video from wise. it is from the 9/11 day of remembrance here in washington. the national capital area chapter 0 the alliance women in media teamed up with greater dc cares to tidy up the inside of park view rec center. the volunteers also painted a mural as part of its way to honor the victims of 9/11 and their families. catherine submitted the next report. the nation's capital gets a massive makeover, one person at a time. style for hire has arrived in dc directed by what not to wear star stacey london. it is a national network of stylists that have been trained and certified to improve your look. london participated in a shop crawl around georgetown with fans to celebrate dc signing on to the project. also, rachel sent in these
5:56 am
shots. lisa, hope were among the crowd of creatives attending the art's first gala. held at thed but da bar in dc they toast the art community with a black tie affair. i'm taking your pictures and videos of events that matter to you, too. log on to oh my and send in your stuff today. as always, you can connect with me on facebook and on twitter. now over to andrea. today less than a week after the deadly explosion in california a house committee is scheduled to hear testimony on the safety of natural gas lines. the one thing they already know, there are tens of thousands of miles of gas pipeline buried under homes and neighborhoods all across the country. could it happen here? bruce leshan tells us, it already has. >> reporter: may 7th last year, a gas explosion in the penn mar shopping center in prince georges county. eight firefighters hurt by the
5:57 am
heat the flying glass, the falling bricks. >> they could see it coming, the pressure building up, the glow and they hit the deck. >> reporter: from california to south riding and loudoun county anvil very spring in montgomery county, experts say that gas lines have wreaked death and destruction 3,000 times across the country since the ' 80s. -- 90s. these are new lines in anacostia but lines installed decades ago have had neighborhoods built on top of them. >> did you have any idea that pipe went so close to your house? >> no, i did not. >> the national pipeline mapping system is on the internet but hammered by people trying to figure out if they have a pipeline in their backyard. you can see the blue line is a gas line that runs through the heart of washington. it actually goes right next to the capitol and runs down constitution avenue until it turns down by the white house. a small gas line in to a house or shopping center is one
5:58 am
thing, but san bruno was a 30- inch main. >> a neighborhood on fire. just totally blew my mind. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: it has fire departments across the region trying to take another look at their maps. >> the size of gas lines and all of that probably haven't been updated in some time. >> maybe you will look at that in certainly. >> reporter: and one thing, totally clear, if you smell a gas leak, call 911. in forestville, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> washington gas declined to comment publicly for bruce's story but experts say long as the the systems are maintained they are very safe. if you want to check if your house is near a big gas pipeline we have a link to the piping map on our website. thank you for watching 9 news now. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with the forecast. and a wonderful wednesday, as angie said earlier.
5:59 am
>> if you can get a long lunch of a long recess, yeah. it is a good looking day for that. temperatures will be about where they were yesterday, a free or two cooler and winds are down, as well. this morning it is chilly. 52 luray and also in culpeper, manassas, gaithersburg. 63 at national. a couple of 55s across the bay and hagerstown is holding on barely to 60. this afternoon we will have sunshine. a couple of clouds mixing in. temperatures ranging to near 80 in the bay to the mid-80s down south. fredericksburg 86. 82 martinsburg and cumberland 83. a fine wednesday but some showers are heading this way by thursday night. more on that coming up. 77 is the lunchtime temperature. 81 for the drive home. let's talk about the drive in. a couple of things on the maps we are keeping an eye on. take you outside and show you what is going on


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